Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nicola McLean : My breasts are for my husband

Nicola McLean revealed on GMTV this morning her breasts are for her husband – not for her 3-year-old boy Rocky.

Speaking on the breakfast TV show, the glamour model defended her right to bottle feed her baby, saying: “They’re a sexual thing for me – I don’t want Rocky sucking on them.”

Breastfeeding advocate Catherine Nutter questioned Nicola’s stance, asking: “If they were for sexual purposes – you wouldn’t produce milk. I mean, a man doesn’t want a mouthful of milk does he?”

Nicola replied: “But he does want a mouthful of boob.”

Nicola continued: “For me, after Rocky was feeding on them, I wouldn’t then be able to go and have sex with Tom and him be sexual with them. Also I was a Page 3 girl for like five or six years and I’d used my boobs – and for me they’re sexual. I just didn’t like the thought of my child feeding off them.”

Nicola McLean


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