Saturday, March 12, 2011

Top 25 Sexiest Women Of 2011

25. Jessica BielLink

Just a couple of weeks ago I’ve watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry again (hey, I’m a huge Adam Sandler fan, don’t judge) and I remembered how amazing this Jessica Biel is. Seeing this preach prancing around in lingerie and Adam playing with her titties to prove everyone they’re real is something every man should see. This girl is an absolute stunner and whenever I see her I’m blown away!

24. Eva Mendes

In these last years Eva was in probably every list with the most beautiful women in the world and we surely understand why. This girl has a ridiculously hot body and a unique sensual look that will make any of melt in a matter of seconds. It’s always a pleasure to feast your eyes on this hottie and in 2010 she impressed us with a couple of sexy new commercials for CK and new screaming hot photoshoots.

23. Christina Hendricks

The so-called Queen of Cleavage and also the hottest redhead in the world right now, Christina Hendricks, has continued to drive men crazy with her appearances in Mad Men this year. Besides that, she rocked many movie premieres and events with her jaw dropping cleavage and also posed for several mens magazines this year. “Red Hot” is the perfect combination to describe her beauty and if you have a thing for redheads, Christina is the hottest for sure!

22. Heidi Klum

Oh my. Heidi Klum! Do I really need to say anything about this German sensation? She’s been around for years and we’ve seen many many drop dead gorgeous photos with this babe but I still can’t get enough of her. Her beauty is as stunning as it always was and in 2010 she was once again one of the best supermodels on the planet. She’s now a mother of 4, yes 4, and she’s still amazing. Good lord, new words like “heidilicious” had to be invented for this peach.

21. Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene is kinda new on the hottie market but ever since I’ve first seen her last year I was completely in love with this babe. She’s probably the only reason why any man would watch Twilight and her popularity skyrocketed in these last two years. Everyone wanted to see more of her and Ashley was featured in several magazines such as GQ and Maxim blowing our minds with her beautiful body.

20. Olivia Munn

Oh Olivia. I’m a big fan of Attack of the Show and Olivia Munn was one of the reasons I got so addicted to that show. This girl is ridiculously hot and she loves to show off her naughty side whenever she has the occasion. What’s even more interesting about her is that she probably knows all there is to know about games making her every geek’s fantasy girl. This year she dropped our jaws with a bunch of amazing pictorials for GQ, Complex and so on.

19. Kim Kardashian

Kim became a world sensation with her drool inducing body. She knows she has the right curves in all the right places and she just shows `em off with every occasion. I guess that’s her job. Being Kim Kardashian. All she does all day long is wrapping her wonderful body in sexy clothes and go out. That seems pretty easy, eh? She even had a show called Keeping up with the Kardashians where her sisters got a bit of attention too. This year I think there wasn’t a week without new stunning candids with Kim so… she deserves her spot here.

18. Kelly Brook

What can I say about this breathtaking hottie from the UK? I’ve had a thing for her for years and I love the fact that she never disappoints. Even in the most casual candids she looks incredible and ready to induce a lot of drooling. If her candids are hot, her photoshoots are more than incredible and could be one of the reasons for global warming. And god, she posed for a lot of magazines this year, FHM, Maxim and even… Playboy.

17. Jessica Alba

If I was asked around five years ago who was the sexiest women in the world I would have said instantly: Jessica Alba. She’s still as wonderful as ever but in these last years she went a bit off our radar because she became a mommy. This year she was back in our minds and dreams with her amazing hotness and now that she even entered the MILF segment it’s even better.

16. Malin Akerman

I know you guys most definitely drooled over Malin Akerman in Watchmen, Harold & Kumar and in Couples Retreat and I’m going to admin I did that too. This girl is damn hot from head to toe and whenever she makes an appearance she can easily make us all go speachless. She was even featured in a couple of lads mags this year looking as wonderful as ever!

15. Arianny Celeste

I’m not a fan of UFC but this girl made me watch it and love it. Good lord, she has to be one of the sexiest babes on the entire freaking planet at the moment. She’s a UFC Octogon Girl and when she’s not doing that she just blows our mind with a couple of drop dead gorgeous shoots in mens magazines. Every inch of her body is perfect and she loves to show it off for us all. Words can’t do this girl justice but her photos definitely speak for themselves.

14. Emmanuelle Chriqui

Some of you love this peach for her role from Entourage but I was more impressed by her beautiful look from You Don’t Mess with the Zohan and many other moves. Gosh, Emmanuelle has something special that will make all of fall for her in a matter of minutes and she’s the type of girl that makes me go speachless. Her beauty is beyond amazing and I’m sure we all agree with that.

13. Emily Scott

I would be very disappointed if there are some of you who don’t know who Emily Scott is. She’s the hottest Aussie babe in the whole world if you’d ask me. Even though there are many other chicks: models, singers and so on who are a lot more popular than Emily, when this girl busts her groovy curves in a bikini you’ll forget about anyone else and you will fall for her instantly!

12. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is a personal favorite of mine. She’s actually the type of girl I’d take home to my parents and you know… make ‘em proud of me. She’s just so sexy that I can’t really find the exact words to describe her beauty. She’s a goddess and also a stone cold fox and apart from that perfectly shaped tight little body this peach also has a pair of eyes that are almost hypnotizing. I really can’t get enough of her and probably you can’t either.

11. Alessandra Ambrosio

Oh boy, Alessandra Ambrosio. Even her name sounds sexy. She’s been in our dreams for years and she keeps rocking our minds with her amazing physique. This Brazilian stunner and her tight little body is what every man should worship. She’s beautiful, exotic and this year she kept doing what she does best, and that’s showing off her groovy body in sexy outfits for Victoria’s Secret and in several magazines around the world. Oh yeah.

10. Brooklyn Decker

Sports Illustrated’s Swimwear Issue has to be my favorite issue of any magazine in the whole world every year and this peach graced on this year’s cover. I knew she looks damn incredible and Andy Roddick has my full respect for landing this peach but good god, I think she got even hotter in 2010. She looks hot no matter what she’s wearing but if you’re going to gawk at a couple of photos with her in swimwear your day will get a lot better!

9. Adriana Lima

This Victoria’s Secret angel has been considered one of the most beautiful women for nearly a decade now and she’s as hot as ever! Even thought she’s now a mom her beauty isn’t affected by her busy life and she kept dropping our jaws with her perfectly shaped body. The Million Dollar Bra got to sit again on her beautiful rack this year and even though we’ve seen quite a lot of stunning photos with Adriana Lima this year, I still can’t get enough of her.

8. Marisa Miller

Do I really need to say anything about Marisa Miller? We all know she’s one of the hottest women in the world right now. She looks incredible no matter what she’s wearing but her fabulous swimsuits and lingerie shoots turned us all into drooling zombies. This peach has it all and aside from modeling, she’s also an avid surfer and a hard core philanthropist. In 2010 she moved on from being a Victoria’s Secret model but she still rocked our minds with other projects of hers!

7. Keeley Hazell

Everyone in the world knows this: Keeley Hazell is freaking HOT! She’s probably the most gorgeous UK model and until now she was featured in probably every mens magazine. I can’t even write down the names of the magazines she’s been featured in because that will take me hours. She started modeling when she was just 16 and rose to fame in Britain by posing as a Page 3 girl. What I like even more about this girl, besides that mind blowing body of hers, is that she has an incredibly hot British accent.

6. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett might be the definition of perfection for most men out there. She’s a total venus and could probably make any man fall for her with her feminine, wonderful and really well sculpted body. Her rack is simply breathtaking and her face is all cuteness and harmony. Scarlett Johansson is extremely sexy and underneath that blond hair there’s a dark haired hotness waiting to get out. If you’d ask me, I think every inch of her body is perfect and it’s like every limb of hers is yearning for the exotic touch and want to enjoy the heights of physical pleasure.

5. Kate Beckinsale

I’m sure this isn’t a surprise for any of you. This British bombshell was named as the sexiest women in the world by Esquire last year, she claimed the title of the ultimate Girl next door and she’s the definitely considered as one of the hottest women in the world by every man. Kate is probably the dream date for many many and the envy of many other women. Her perfect little body is hot enough to melt all ice on the planet and what I like the most about this girl is that she realizes she’s something special and she isn’t afraid to tease us all with hear beautiful curves.

4. Bar Refaeli

Ever since I’ve first seen a bunch of pictures with this delightful peach rocking a bikini I was completely in love with her and since then Bar Refaeli keeps impressing us with every new batch of pictures we find. Her delicious body was featured once again in Sports Illustrated and her pics are probably the type of pictures every 13 year old should hang above his bed. I really don’t know if there are enough words to describe her beauty because well… she’s waay too hot for words!

3. Cheryl Cole

Britain is teeming with some of the most beautiful women in the world and Cheryl Cole is probably the sexiest lady in all the land. She was named by FHM the Sexiest Women in the World last year and we can’t really argue with that, eh? This girl blends sultry model looks with a girl next door sensibility that makes her seem accessible even though she’s so, so not. Cheryl looks incredible even in the most casual candids and boring outfits and the fact that she’s single again made her even more desirable.

2. Megan Fox

Let me hear you scream “Megan, Megan, Megan”! From the moment she bent over the hood of a 76 Camaro in Transformers we all knew our lives would never be the same again. It was the moment that marked the arrival of a brand new sex symbol, Megan Fox, who quickly became one of the most wanted women on the planet. This peach is incredible no matter what she’s wearing and she loves to tease us with her sexy little body and sweets tats. She’s been featured in probably every mens magazine and whenever she makes an appearance it’s something that will blow your mind. There’s no fighting anymore, this peach is one of the sexiest babes in the world right now!

1. Candice Swanepoel

Oh my, I’ve waited so long for this. I don’t even know how to start. 2010 definitely was the year of Candice Swanepoel if you’d ask us, this South African stunner who quickly took over the whole world with her drop dead gorgeous body. She’s the definition of perfection for me and thank god she’s a Victoria’s Secret model and we got to see many many photos with her in sexy bikinis and skimpy lingerie this year. Gosh, no matter how many photos I’ve seen with this girl, I’m still drooling like a fool whenever a new batch of sexy photos with her is out. Smoking hot is an understatement for this girl’s beauty and I’m pretty sure everyone in the world will fall for her sooner or later. Enjoy!


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