Thursday, March 10, 2011

Latest New And Select Photoall Actress Vidya Balan goes to Bengal Commerical

Actress Vidya Balan has right now tied up with popular Bengali band Chandrabindoo for a new television advertisement.

The rock band’s new track Jaani Naa from other first album Aar Jani Na has been used in Nihar Naturals oil advert, where actress Vidya plays a Bengali homemaker

The 33-year-old Bollywood celebrity, who made her performing debut with Bengali film Bhalo Theko in 2003, is also the hair oil’s brand ambassador.

The Kerala-born Vidya, who has usually considered West Bengal to become her second home, has also sang two lines in the advertisement.

"The Bengali woman happens to be very intelligent and progressive in her thinking. She can look out of it when brands try to sell tall promises to her. She will judge for herself in regards to what is acceptable and what’s not. The brand also is sincere, straightforward and simple," Vidya said.

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